Those who are new in Pilate exercises, may be at a dilemma whether to take mat Pilates or Pilates with apparatus. Although Pilate exercises are associated with equipment, mats too are important when performing the Pilates. The Pilate mat is very important when performing the exercises and should not be neglected. There are various advantages of using mat Pilate exercises as follows:

The mat classes offer you the benefits of Pilates

There are a number of benefits that one is likely to reap as a result of using Pilate method. These include toning, flexibility, improved posture, body/mind connection and good movements. All the benefits that Pilate exercises offer can met using a mat. The mat Pilate provides a firm foundation on which you can start building other exercises.

Mat classes cover the basics

A great deal of basic exercises can be learnt through mat classes. Through Pilate mat work, one learns such workouts like shoulder and pelvic stability, spinal articulation, deep and slow breathing. These techniques are basic in Pilates and are learnt through Pilate mat work.

Mat skills are Equipment skills

There are many people who think that Pilate mat work is meant to act as a foundation before one graduates to using Pilate equipment. On the contrary, Pilate mat work is the same as Pilate equipment as the benefits are the same even if you stick to one. In fact, many Pilate practitioners say that mat exercises are much far better than using machinery.

Improvement of body, mind and spirit

The main aim of Pilate mat work is to improve the body, mind and spirit. The Pilate mat exercises are performed against a background of Pilate principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. When the exercises are integrated with the attention approach, the workouts go beyond helping you physically but also mentally.

Physical benefits

The main reason for performing Pilate exercises is to strengthen the body?s powerhouse which consists of abdominals, lower back muscles, hips and pelvic floor. The exercises assist in strengthening and toning your muscles. This results in a leaner and long body. Through the mat Pilate exercises, you can improve the flexibility of your body as stretching is an essential part. The exercises can also burn calories thus helping in weight loss.

Psychological benefits

Deep and slow breathing is a core aspect of Pilate mat workout. As you breath slowly and deeply, you are able to concentrate. This has an effect of reducing anxiety and slowing and form of depression. When you breathe deeply and slowly, you are able to get rid of any stress.

Benefits Of Mat Pilate Exercises